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The brand and concept of Harry’s Bar, initiated an still ruled by the MacElhone family, innovates, travels and creates: today the adventure continues in Cannes…

Harry's Bar - Rowing Blaze

Capsule collection
with Rowing Bazers

Harry's Bar Deco

Rowing Blazer is a new brand New York already having a huge success off the Atlantic. As the name suggests it draws its aesthetics from the rowing jackets…

Harry's Bar - 3 - Cocktail video news

The Cocktail
of the week

Harry's Bar Deco

Invented in 1962 by Andy MacElhone for the release of the film “James Bond vs. Dr. No”, James Bond consists of sugar, angostura bitter, vodka and champagne.


Harry's Bar Deco

We offer over 400 Cocktails this is one of the hallmarks of our house.
Alongside the classics, even our classics, our bartenders will be delighted to introduce you
to our new creations or make a bespoke cocktail.

Harrys'bar Cocktails

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<img src="/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/favicon.png" alt='Harry's Bar'> Tricky Snail
Harry Tricky Snail

Gin, Anisette, White mint liqueur, Lime juice, Egg white

<img src="/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/favicon.png" alt='Harry's Bar'> Bloody Mary
Harry Bloody Mary

Vodka, Tomato juice, Lemon juice, Tabasco, Salt & Pepper

<img src="/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/favicon.png" alt='Harry's Bar'> White Lady
Harry White Lady

Gin, Triple sec, Lemon juice

<img src="/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/favicon.png" alt='Harry's Bar'> James Bond
Harry James Bond

Champagne, Vodka, sugar, lemon zest, Angostura Bitters

Harry's Bar Cocktail created by Harry’s Bar


Harry's Bar Deco

Whisky is the other great passion of our century-old establishment.
Through the ages we have accumulated bottles that are now collectibles ,
looking towards the future we also produce our own whisky in partnership with friendly distilleries in Scotland.
We currently have the most beautiful whisky cellar in France with more than 350 references .

Since 1911…


Harry's Bar Deco

Harry’s Bar was born on November 26, 1911 on Thanksgiving Day, (a sacred sign for an American bar).
It is a bar literally dismantled from the 7th avenue of Manhattan (pre-prohibition 9 dry states) and reassembled rue Daunou in Paris.

It’s much more than a superb mahogany bar already polished by hundreds of elbows across the Atlantic that is installed that day in Paris, it’s a whole new kind: the Cocktail. Toad Sloan, the American jockey who has moved this bar from New York, calls on the best-known bartender Harry MacElhone who will resume a few years later to make this young New York bar, Harry’s Bar.
At the beginning of the twentieth century the legend was born.

The establishment was later able to be worthy of this scoop by inventing over the years what will become classics in the first rank of which the Bloody Mary; the SideCar the Blue Lagoon or the White Lady to name a few.

According to our motto, to be traditionally inventive, we perpetuate this know-how and continue to invent regularly cocktails some of which travel by our very international clientele to sometimes even return to Paris according to the fashions …

Harry’s Bar has recently published a book tracing its history. It is of course available at Harry’s Bar (5, rue Daunou – Paris) and also online.

Harry's Bar Deco

The Straw

Harry's Bar History 1

The Harry’s Bar instituted in 1924 a fake vote that starts a month before the official voting day in the United States, allowing Americans to Paris, during the election period, to vote. Provisional results are posted regularly.

This vote has become a real institution, more reliable than all polling institutes put together. Indeed, Harry’s has been wrong only twice in 87 years or 25 elections. The procedure is rigorous to avoid cheating. A big night is organized on Election Night and Harry’s is still «the place to be».

Harry's Bar Deco

The MacElhone

Harry's Bar History 2

Harry MacElhone started working at the Harry’s Bar (then the New York Bar) in 1911. The MacElhone family is still at the helm of this legendary place with a great team totally dedicated to the bar and its customers.

Harry handed the reins to Andrew who passed them on to Duncan. Franz-Arthur, Harry’s great-grandson, was born, like him, on June 16 … 98 years later!


Harry's Bar Deco

[ Live music from 10 p.m. ]

Your visit to Harry’s Bar will be complete only after descending the few steps and shared the atmosphere of our piano bar … Cocktails and music meet and unite in a very intimate atmosphere with dim lights …

From 1933, this place was called the “Front Page Cabaret”. Harry had the idea of ​​lining the walls with the “some” of newspapers from around the world. The decor changed every ten or fifteen years because it quickly became the model copied throughout Paris. Subsequently, the walls were decorated with caricatures of Shem, representing the faces of pre-war Paris.
On the keyboard, great names of jazz have followed one another: Tommy Lyman, but also Leo Deslys and Roy Barton, have long animated the nights of Harry’s Bar.

Did you know that it was on this same piano that a certain George Gershwin composed his “American in Paris”. Customers did not appreciate the cacophony at all, and prayed Harry for the services of a tuner. Gershwin noted his composition on paper towels which unfortunately were burned during the war to light the stove!

The famous Harry’s Bar
sets up in Cannes !

Harry's Bar Deco

It’s official, the Harry’s Bar Cannes will open in June at Port Canto in the totally renovated spaces of the Cannes marina. Franz-Arthur MacElhone the great-grandson of Harry MacElhone, founder of the famous cocktail bar where the Bloody Mary and the Blue Lagoon were invented, chose Cannes to perpetuate the unique atmosphere of the illustrious counter.

The Harry’s Bar Cannes will be installed in the future Grand Large Space of Port Canto, symbol of the completion of the modernization of the site carried out by David Lisnard, Mayor of Cannes, in the extension of the overall embellishment of the Croisette.

“As an international village, Cannes has a lot in common with Harry’s Bar. International when it comes to it’s fame, cosy when it comes to its size, the city of Cannes is the best fit for settling a Cuban and sunny version of Harry’s Bar.
As the fourth generation of owner and as a local, it is in the very heart of the Port Canto that I want to continue the adventure of the oldest cocktail bar in Europe”.
Franz-Arthur MacElhone

“The oldest and most emblematic cocktail bar in Europe will perpetuate its history in Cannes, at Port Canto.
Harry’s Bar was the meeting place for Americans in Paris and many celebrities. Ernest Hemingway, Jean-Paul Sartre, Antoine Blondin, Bill Tilden, Jacques Prévert, Coco Chanel, Jack Dempsey, Rita Hayworth, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Humphrey Bogart or Michel Cerdan came to taste cocktails created especially for them.
I’m delighted that Franz-Arthur MacElhone chose to settle the legendary Harry’s Bar in Cannes. It confirms the new dynamic of our city.
The Port Canto is becoming an international hotspot”.
David Lisnard, Mayor of Cannes

Harry's Bar Cannes 1

5 rue daunou,
75002 PARIS


Every day from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
except Sunday from 5:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.
[Live music from 10:00 p.m.]


Port Pierre Canto,
Boulevard de la Croisette
06400 CANNES

The Original

Harry's Bar Deco

An essential book that retraces the history of this legendary bar that celebrates 100 years of existence. The Scottish Harry Mac Elhone, in 1911, wanted to enter France in the mode of “cocktail bars” Americans.
Successful bet of the place will become unavoidable, frequented by all the personalities of the XXth century up to our days (Hemingway, Dietrich, Duras, Tarantino, Castelbajac …). Archival footage and crisp stories complete this bilingual French-English book.


Harry's Bar Deco

From New York to Paris… From Cuba to Cannes… The oldest cocktail bar in Europe, emblematic of Paris, invites you to discover a sunny version of the traditionally inventive cocktail.
At Port Canto, Boulevard de la Croisette.


Harry's Bar Deco

Rowing Blazers has specially designed a line of clothing inspired by the bar’s illustrious history and sports heritage. The collection includes a rugby shirt, golf sweater, corduroy baseball cap, polo shirt, trainer jacket and long-sleeved t-shirts.